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Everyone's talking hybrid, but neglect culture at your peril

Wednesday 23 June 2021 | 12 pm (UK) | Webinar

As offices start to re-open the emerging picture suggests that the future of work is hybrid, with most employees going back into the office for two to three days a week. So, the question is: 'How do we make hybrid work?' It's a new concept for us all, undoubtedly harder than fully virtual, and we must determine how to crack it.

A recent survey published by Havard Business Review revealed that over 25% of employees are planning to look for a new job post-pandemic. A contributing factor is that hybrid working, remote working and the transitioning between the two ultimately changes a company's culture.

There has been very little focus on culture to date. We've looked at the technology and logistics but if organisations don't look at their hybrid culture, there is likely to be significant consequences. An organisation's culture will need rethinking in this new world.

Building on our webinar series on 'Distributed workforces' and 'Designing digital workforces', we explore why culture is so important in a hybrid world and what the key considerations are when thinking about your hybrid culture.

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